Your Say Local Council Election 2013

Your constructive feedback is very important, and allows me to consider the diversity of views from our community.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

So far I’ve been asked whether I support the following…
Yes – To a council with integrity, transparency and accountability, I support measures that reduce corruption.
Yes – Scarborough SEAS Project, I will support and be constructive in my engagement with Metropolitan Regional Authority.
Yes – To a coastal swimming pool (preferably close to cafes and tourist centre), yes also to having a pool located near the Stirling Train Station. My recollection is that the Scarborough Senior High School was sold on the premise of a coastal swimming pool.
Yes – To updated, activated and functioning community centres.
Yes – To the Mayor being elected directly by popular vote of the residents.

Community Survey

Authorised by Cipriano Martinez
117A Burniston Street, Scarborough WA 6019

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