Vote 1 – Cipriano Martinez

Welcome 🙂IMG_2464
Thank you for taking the time to consider my nomination as a Councillor for the City of Stirling Coastal Ward. I’m very friendly and easily contactable, feel welcome to add or follow 🙂
Mobile: 0421482584
Facebook: Cipri Martinez
Linkedin: Cipri Martinez

Passion for the Coastal WardIMG_0105
As an active surf life saver and Bronze Medallion Trainer for the Scarboro Surf Life Saving Club, you will often find me on the beach enjoying our pristine and superb coast. Like many of you I have been disappointed by the apparent slow progress and blocks in the revitalisation of Scarborough beach and surrounds. One of my primary motivations for nominating as a Councillor is to ensure that progress is accelerated. With your support I will ensure that the relationship with Metropolitan Regional Authority is constructive and we achieve the highest standard of amenities possible.

Safety and the Environment.IMG_2482
We all deserve to feel safe and secure as we enjoy our home, neighbourhood, parks and beaches. I favour measures that reduce anti social behaviour and improve the safety and amenity of our coast and environment.

IMG_2487We have valuable parks and reserves that need to be protected, maintained and enhanced. I support activated community centers and libraries that build our sense of community and what can be achieved together.

Stirling continues to grow,  Our lane ways need to be upgraded to match our higher density living.  IMG_2513Further development of cycle pathways improves our lifestyle choices and increases the long term sustainability of Stirling. Light rail through Scarborough beach road to Glendalough train station would be a move in the right direction  and provide a reliable alternative to car transport.

Community and Business Friendly
Most people prefer to live close to their community and workplace. This means making decisions that promote favourable conditions for business and employment growth within Stirling. I have a high preference for simple and streamlined local government processes. Saving money on unnecessary red tape and wasted resources, means we have more money to improve and  invest in our communities and the infrastructure we all need to prosper.

Authorised by Cipriano Martinez
117A Burniston Street, Scarborough W.A. 6019

3 thoughts on “Vote 1 – Cipriano Martinez

  1. Richard Llorens

    Hi Cipriano,
    I like many of your policies regarding safety and the environment and your support for community centres and libraries. Your support for our parks and reserves, new and improved cycleways and light rail to Glendalough are also welcome.
    Do you have a policy regarding the preservation of the South Trigg Beach Reserve as untouched bushland? I belong to the group which last month succeeded in preventing this area of beach dunes from being ruined by an unsightly and environmentally damaging Boardwalk. I trust that you would also support the preservation of this area of coastal bush.
    I sincerely hope that the revitalisation of Scarborough beachfront will not lead to the destruction of our valuable coastal bushland.

    1. Cipriano Martinez Post author

      Hi Richard
      Thank you for engaging and considering my nomination.
      Yes I would very much like to preserve and enhance South Trigg Beach Reserve.
      Its important in our society to increase opportunities for the community to connect and enjoy our natural environment.
      I believe a board walk that is environmentally friendly would assist the community to appreciate our coastal bushland.
      Further more I would like to see volunteers posted at each end of the boardwalk to facilitate the education and awareness raising necessary to preserve South Trigg Beach Reserve into the future. My partner and I often walk through the reserve and fully appreciate its high value.
      With best regards
      Cipri 🙂

  2. Yvonne

    Hi Cipriano
    As a driver, cyclist and walker I see the positive and negative sides of people in ALL of these groups. I believe we all have to be more tolerant of everybody, no matter by what means they transport themselves. You mention improving cycle paths. When commuting to work, cycle paths/footpaths are generally not appropriate because of the speed of the cyclist and therefore many cyclists ride on the road which they are entitled to (including two abreast which I think most drivers are unaware of). To ensure increased safety of cyclists and leaving plenty of room for vehicles, I believe there should be far more cycle lanes on the side of roads. Do you support an improvement in road cycling conditions? And should cycle lanes be a consideration when planning for all road upgrades?

    If cycling conditions are improved, and continual growth of cycling numbers continues, then surely this would be a win/win for both cyclists and drivers.


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