Turn to love-feel the love – understanding how our brain processes love and the universe

I’m sharing a favorite Ted.com talk by Dr Jill Bolte Taylor titled “My stroke of insight”

It is an inspiring true story of how Jill experienced a massive stroke which shut down the noisy part of the brain that makes it hard for us sometimes to connect with the infinite universe of love we are.

What are your favorite ways of turning onto and feeling the love that you are?

For me simple things, like thinking my most loving thoughts while at the beach while listening to the rolling ocean. Sometimes before I go to sleep thinking of as many good things as I can to be grateful for, like a warm bed, full stomach, hot water, loving family and friends, being able to breathe without pain, have abundant energy, having insight into the love we all are. Another way is to put on some favorite music, dance and sing out loud. Another loving practice is cooking slowly, by appreciating every ingredient and how it came to be in you hands abundantly.

Feel free to add your turn to love, feel the love connecting ways 🙂


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